Undergrad Students


Terri Gan

Hey, y’all! I’m Terri Gan, a 6th year student finishing up my Computer Science degree along with my other degree, which is Mathematics. I am personally fascinated with the concepts of and motivations to learning, which is the main topic of our thesis. Provided with data involving student engagement to an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) for Algebra, we plan to determine the likelihood of students to return to the task-at-hand when distracted in the form of doodling. Not only does it involve Math, a fun but challenging subject, but also involves understanding more about the profile of the learners engaging with the ITS.





Wesley Carl Ong

I’m Wesley Ong, a 5th year BS Computer Science-Digital Game Design and Development student in Ateneo de Manila University. My thesis is an escape room game about the story of Noli me Tangere. The goal of the thesis is to educate people in the story Jose Rizal was trying to convey, as well as teach the story of Noli me Tangere to people who may not know it yet.






Joshua Graham Son

Hi! I’m Joshua Son, a BS CS DGDD major. For our thesis, my group and I are currently working on a 3D video game that portrays the struggles of the homeless and the impoverished during a time of crisis. In doing so, we hope to find out whether our game can allow our players to feel empathy towards the poor.







Christopher William Dizon

I am a 5th year BS Computer Science-Digital Game Design and Development (CS-DGDD) student in Ateneo de Manila University. I am currently working on my thesis about the coral reef ecosystem. My group aims to improve on my thesis last year (on the same topic!) and we hope to produce a game that everyone can learn and enjoy from. I am also in the Ateneo Programming Varsity and I enjoy solving (and making) problems.





Kimberly Anne Chua

I am Kimberly Anne Chua, a fourth year BS CS-DGDD student. Since childhood, I have always been interested in games, which is what led me to take a course on game design. For our thesis, my groupmates and I will be developing a 3D stealth game that will attempt to raise empathy towards the underprivileged by allowing players to experience the hardships faced by the poor during a pandemic.




Ronald Christian Rosario

Hello, I am RC Rosario, a BS Computer Science major. For our thesis, my group and I are developing a 3D game that aims to portray the struggles of the underprivileged during times of pandemic. With this, we hope to find out whether or not our game will positively affect the players’ empathy to the poor.







James Matthew Cuartero

Hi, I’m James Matthew Cuartero. I’m currently a fourth year student taking a double degree on BS Computer Science and BS Digital Game Design and Development. My group mates and I are currently working on a thesis about urban bird biodiversity, conservation, and awareness in the Philippines. For this, we aim to make a game which will teach the users more about the various urban birds and how to one can do part. Personally, I’m interested in seeing the effects of a game towards the perception of the user towards a certain topic.






Neil Daniel Bautista

I’m Neil Daniel Bautista. I’m a Computer Science major and my thesis is about the validity of claims made by students and professors on academic performance of students in the context of Online Learning in Moodle. I’m looking forward to this work since it could help a lot of people especially now that we’re forced to learn through online means because of the pandemic.






Miguel Alfredo C. Madrid

I am Miguel Alfredo C. Madrid, currently taking BS Computer Science with the Interactive Multimedia track. My partner and I are currently working on our thesis, which is related to gamification and exploring its effects on student engagement and motivation.






Jaden Chua

The thesis our group is currently working on is about creating a model of student achievement based on various data gathered from Moodle in order to gauge student behavior in an online learning environment. We will relate this model to the opinions and suggestions of students and teachers regarding their experiences on online learning.






Jessica Anne Manzano

Hi, I’m Anne from BS CS and I’m taking online classes during this Covid-19 pandemic! A Facebook group was created wherein Ateneo students and teachers can post their concerns and thoughts about how online learning was going. My group mates and I are writing a thesis about verifying student comments in a Facebook group by creating a student behavior model by analyzing data mined Moodle LMS data. We’re interested in seeing if the data matches with the students’ concerns.

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