1. EDM Workbench v4.5 – Distribution Copy [Download] last update:  June 5, 2014 (extract the files from the zip after downloading)

2. EDM Workbench v4.0 – Developer’s Copy [Download] last update:  Feb. 11, 2014 (extract the files from the zip after downloading)

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3. EDM User Manual v4.0  [PDF]  last update: Mar. 21, 2013

4. Baker-Rodrigo-Ocumpaugh Monitoring Protocol (BROMP) 2.0 Technical and Training Manual, v1.0  [PDFFeb. 28, 2015

5. Eye Movement Research Summer School Slide Sets [ZIP] Apr. 13, 2015

6. Intelligent Game-Based Learning Environments Summer School Slide Sets [Download] July 25, 2016

7. Machine Learning & Deep Learning Slide Sets [PPTX] July 13, 2017

8. ALLS@Mindanao, A Behind-the Scenes Look at Research@ALLS [PDF] October 28, 2017

9. ALLS@ Mindanao, Intelligent Learning System for Automata (ILSA) and the Learners’ Achievement Goal Orientations, [PDF] October 28, 2017

10. ALLS@Mindanao, Exploratory Analysis of Discourses between Students Engaged in a Debugging Task, [PDF] October 28, 2017

11. An Investigation of the Einstellung Effect among Student Computer Programmers [PDF]

12. Characterizing Collaboration Based onPrior Knowledge in a Pair Program Tracing an Debugging Eye-Tracking Experiment [PDF]

13. Modeling the Incubation Effect among Students playing an Educational Game for Physics [PDF]

14. The Effects of MetacognitiveScaffolding to various PriorKnowledge Learners in a Learning by Teaching Environment [PDF]

15. Detecting Student Carefulness in anEducational Game for Physics Using Semi-supervised Learning [PPTX]

16. Ibigkas! PC Version [DownloadOctober 2, 2018

17. Ibigkas! Card Game [PDF] January 2, 2019

18. Ibigkas! User Guide [PDFJanuary 22, 2019


If the system refuses to load any log files, please consult the Read Me file for troubleshooting tips.

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